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    jp's GameLog for Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)

    Monday 14 March, 2005

    I finished it! Yay for me!

    Final stats:
    Run time -> 5:38:50
    Completion -> 58%

    I know, not very impressive and all but still. I finished it! :-)

    This game was definitely a lot easier than the first one. In particular, the boss battles weren't all that hard and didn't require any major acrobatics. In fact, I would even say that most of them could be taken out simply by pounding away at them with all your firepower. Don't move. Don't dodge. Just fire, fire, fire.

    Ok, so now I know what the twist was... I wasn't sure if it was a gameplay twist or a story twist. (what the hell was the story all about anyways? I did not understand a thing...). It is a gameplay twist and a very fun one too. Definitely not worth missing and I won't spoil it here anyways. I would still say that the previous GBA game is better all around, though.
    For now, I'll see if there is anything else I can do before moving on to the next game. Yay!


    The story for the first Metroid (which I wouldn't recommend paying for, although there's probably a way to access it in one of the two GBA metroids) was given in the instruction manual, and (paraphrased) goes like this:

    The Galactic Federation discovered a dangerous beastie on a planet called SR388. They discovered that they were vulnerable to cold and managed to capture one, but that got stolen by the Space Pirates, who figured out a way to induce them to reproduce asexually. GF orders Samus to Zebes to wipe out the Metroids and while you're there, kill Mother Brain.

    Zero Mission adds on the stuff about the place being an old Chozo settlement, although I believe that was established in one of the intervening games.

    If you're interested in Fusion style storytelling in your Metroid, Go for Metroid Prime 3. It's the only game in the series where the GF plays an active role.

    If you're hungry for more Metroid, and don't mind suffering Zero-Mission's minimalist narrative, try Super Metroid on the Virtual console. If you do play Super Metroid through to the end, it might be worthwhile to look at the opening cinema for Fusion one more time...

    Friday 25 January, 2008 by ajrich

    I've been very lax about finishing Prime...I guess I should get back to it and then move along to the next ones in the series...

    Saturday 26 January, 2008 by jp
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