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    aelin's GameLog for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360)

    Wednesday 6 February, 2008


    In the next 45 minutes I am assigned to find one of the bad guys (leader). The game continues to show life like situation in a war. For example, I would check my corners, hide behind walls, duck and shoot. I've died many times because of grenades being thrown at me which I could have thrown back. Because I died so many times, I learn from my mistakes and now I'm doing better at taking cover and throwing grenades back at the enemy.

    The game is still intense, especially when an enemy comes out of nowhere. When enemies pop-up, it is important for me to be able to react quickly and aim sharply. The game is kind of gross, mainly because of the bodies laying around and the condition of some of the cities. Because the people and cities are so life-like it makes it scarier.

    Like I said before, the game is still intense but I feel like I'm already getting a little bit bored of it. I believe that the game is tiring because you're doing the same thing all the time, killing people. There's no real challenge, such as "bosses", in other games. In this game there are just people with the same strength.


    The elements that make this game good is that the war feeling to this game is real in our world today. Some players may know people in the war right now or may want to join the army. This game allows the player to experience the war-like feeling. The game also has missions to complete which is a good element because it gives the player a sense of accomplishment when the mission is complete. So far, there aren't really any levels. There are only different places of combat and different missions. However, the various battle places are interesting and have different feels.

    This game creates conflict by needing to kill the enemies before they kill you. This is one of the challenges that the player will encounter in the game. Another challenge would be to learn to be quick in movement and swift with aim. Just feeling like you're in war makes the game interesting because you will feel like you are a "hero" and taking out the bad guys.

    The reward structure was likable because after completing a mission you feel like you've done something to help your nation. The cutscenes were also interesting because it gave you a feel for all the horrible things that are happening in real life. The different scenes were very life-like and scary which caught my attention and even made me jump.


    [Nicolas Kent - Grader]

    Good game log.

    Thursday 14 February, 2008 by Jade
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