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    Kumar's GameLog for Halo 3 (360)

    Friday 8 February, 2008


    Once I decided to get back on the game my friends and I wanted to play the storyline. This is what I was interested, from the eagerness to want to play more after leaving the game I was hoping that the storyline would disappoint me as the 2nd game in the series did.

    Beating Halo 3 on legendary is ridiculously hard. It is practical but from not as much experience playing the game as many other people I had a rough time. Even my friend who has had 6+ years on FPS games was having trouble even with the 4 of us working together.

    The storyline though (for how much I actually got to get done) was quite pleasing. I was not disappointed with it; I thought I was heading in a positive direction. We did not finish the storyline, but according to my friend, and what seemed to be true we got about half way done with it on legendary with 4 people. I hope that the ending (which I find to be really important) wasn’t cheap in some sort of way and ended on a high note. But from the playtime and experience I have had with the storyline I can not wait to get back to it and finish the game.

    I was very pleased with design of Halo 3. Graphically I don’t think it couldn’t have gotten better. The images, color, and even the backgrounds were clear and very well made. It was what I expected and I am glad it was amazing. I thought some of the stages were a little weird, but each one was unique. They were all different and taking place in many environments making it more attracting to play.

    The control of the character and aim was hard for me to get use to at first. Especially because of the dual analog concept, but after awhile of practice I got use to it and didn’t have much of a problem anymore. Plus the limiting freedom of where your player could go on a stage was clear. How on some stages you were bounded by some sort of wall, or if you got past a certain point some sort of lasers would shoot you down binding you into the zone.

    It’s hard to think about what I change about Halo 3. I can’t say anything about the storyline, because I haven’t finished it yet. The characters seem to be pretty free due to the fact you can choose either Master Chief or Elite to be your character, and pick their armor and color. I would not say the game is perfect, there have to be some flaws either I can’t remember or haven’t figured out yet. But Halo 3 was an excellent well made enjoyable game. I cant wait to play more


    [Nicolas Kent - Grader]

    The Gameplay section is supposed to be about discussing elements of gameplay rather than your experience playing the game. You need more depth. Perhaps you could address how the co-op play and the vehicle system works. This should be a description of how the gameplay is constructed rather than a comparisson to other games. The storyline isn't really the main focus of gameplay, its much more a design element.

    Wednesday 13 February, 2008 by Jade
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