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    keep24's GameLog for Crysis (PC)

    Friday 8 February, 2008



    After the first opening cutscenes and first few levels, I can thoroghly say that I'm addicted to Crytek's first person shooter. This FPS stands out from every other FPS by offering the futuristic "Nano-Suit" which is theoretically designed for the Special Ops soldiers of the year 2020. This brought an interesting and fun dynamic to an otherwise exciting and beautiful shooter. The Nano-Suits abilitiys play into every aspect of your gameplay. The super-strength, super-speed, increased armor, and cloaking options on your nano-suit dictate how you attack the North Korean encampments/soldiers and (SPOILER) eventually how you attack the alien race that invades the island. In addition this FPS allows for instant, on the fly, customization of the weapons that your soldier is currently wielding.

    You are allowed to carry an assortment of rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers and items such as C-4 and almost every one of the guns in the game is fully customizable from the in game menu. Take for example a simple M-16 assault rifle. It could be plain with iron sights, or you can add things such as flashlights, dart-shooter, reflex sights, zoom scopes, and even laser sights. All of these additions to every gun provides for a diverse armory at your disposal. The gameplay itself is very NON-linear. Once you drop down onto the island, yes you are given an objective, however the way you approach and complete your objective is completely up to you. This open gameplay and fully customized options will leave the gamer only wanting more. This is why this game has great replay value. Every level can be played multiple times with varying ways of how to get past or kill enemies and eventually complete your objective.


    First off, this game has some of the best artistic rendering I've ever seen. From the tropical island where the soldiers first start off, to the inards of the alien ship with zero gravity, this game has a distinct look about it that hardly can be compared to any other first person shooter. The game creates conflict between the NV soldiers overtaking the island and the US forces trying to claim back its archaeological dig site. However, deeper into the game, the human enemies find a common foe with the Alien Race and its emerging danger that is present over the island. The cutscenes were fluid and visually stunning. I was able to control my player at times during some cutscenes but for the most part they are pretty rigid with direction. The cutscenes though, tend to progress the game pretty well by telling the basic storyline and thus giving the player a pretty exciting and intruiging storyline. The only downside to the cutscenes and storyline was the final sequence which reminded me vaguely of Halo 2. It was completely left off hanging in which all I could say was "I WANT MORE!" The game ends so abruptly that the player feels they at least need a sequel for the entire story to play out.


    [Nicolas Kent - Grader]

    You need more detail. Your gameplay and design sections have some information, but...more depth.

    Wednesday 13 February, 2008 by Jade
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