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    Cyleen's GameLog for Final Fantasy VII (PS)

    Saturday 9 February, 2008

    gameplay: I continued playing final fantasy 7 for a few hours. I still enjoyed the game even though i have not gotten to the main part of the story yet. sephiroth has not come into the story yet. but I'm excited for when he comes into the story. I think the game does a very good job at progressing the story. There is so much to the story of final fantasy 7 and the game ties everything together very well. Also the battling system is descant. It is just like every other final fantasy game. I get bored with it easily but that's not what I play for so I don't really mind.

    I still have not met any new characters, but I love the ones I have met so far. There was one part in the game I got to that I really liked a lot. It was the part where cloud had to dress a woman in order to sneak into a mansion. The whole situation and his conversation with aerith about it was very comical. It was my favorite part of the game so far. I am very excited to continue playing.

    Design: The graphics in this game are not very good, but that is because it came out in 1997. When I play I ignore the graphics because this final fantasy has the best story out of all final fantasy games. I play for the story not so much the over all design of the game. the design of the battling was very generic RPG battling. It grows old fast, but that is not enough to make me stop playing because the story and the characters is what makes the game so much fun and makes me want to continue. Also i hate the random battles. This can be very frustrating when I'm lost.

    I did not like the game controls for this game. I played it on a play station 2 and I found it slightly annoying. To run around the screen I have to hold down X so while i us the stick to move around. This can cramp my fingers if i get lost. The leveling of this game is exactly like the leveling in all final fantasy games. I keep going till the enemies are too hard to defeat; then I take some time aside from continuing the story to go level.


    Nice game log, a bit sparse but still nicely done. -Trevor Prater(grader)

    Tuesday 12 February, 2008 by Tdprater
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