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    eatfffire's GameLog for The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii)

    Saturday 9 February, 2008

    Gamelog Entry #1

    In “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, the player becomes a small town farmer "Link" who through fate of setting’s gods is chosen to banish the evil corrupting the land of Hyrule. The player progresses through the game by retrieving items, defeating enemies, and solving puzzles across an expansive free roaming environment. The genre of this game is Actioin/Adventure.

    The interface with the game has a relatively easy learning curve. In the beginning much of the buttons and menu options were very confusing at best. If the player has not been accustomed to the Wii’s remote control, it would probably be even more frustrating. However as I progressed, the issues relating to the buttons, actions, and menu screen were thoroughly and easily explained to me by signs that I read in game or characters who conversed with me. The controls began to feel natural the more I played until it was all but second nature. Anything you could possibly do in game could easily be done having spent sufficient time learning the controls. The motion sensitive controls were incredibly entertaining to use. It added an extra layer of interactivity between myself and the game. It was fun to actually have to swing my remote control relative to the direction I wanted to my characters sword to swing. To aim projectiles I was also required to point the remote at enemies and other targets. The level of involvement greatly improved the entertainment value of this game.

    From the start of the game I was very entertained. I was allowed to explore and learn much of the game story and interface. Although I did not start off with a sword and shield, the beginning of the game was very enjoyable. Tasks that related to story taught me how to play the game. Instruction and gameplay were integrated very well. By doing tasks that related to menu navigation and character movement, Link's home town was described. Many of the characters also gave the instruction in their own unique personalities. I very much enjoyed how the game was able to introduce the setting and characterization in this way.


    Great nicely done -Chuck (grader)

    Saturday 9 February, 2008 by Joekickass
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