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    Shelly's GameLog for Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Saturday 9 February, 2008

    Gamelog entry #2


    During my second session of gameplaying, I spent the entire time inside of the Deku Tree. So I did not learn anymore about the storyline during this time. Instead, there were lots of puzzles: figuring out to opening doors (by lighting torches, by stepping on buttons on the ground). Also there are characters that you have to defeat by using your shield to deflect the Deku nuts that they spit at you.

    Some of the puzzles took me many times to complete. There was on in particular where you have to jump from the very top of the tree with a burning torch in order to fall through a web leading you to a lower level inside of the tree. This was the task which frustrated me the most because after failing so many times, the task became redundant.


    As I mentioned before, this is a 3D game, which is played from a third person perspective. The movement of the main character is pretty straight-forward: You use the joystick in the center of the controller to move Link in that direction and A is used as the main select button and B as the weapon button. You can choose the Select button to go to several screens that enable you to either: switch your weapons, look at your map, look at your quest status (keeps record of everything you collect), and look at other items you've collected. Also, there is a Z-button trigger that enables you to focus on a specific object or person in order to attack it or talk to it. After doing a little online research, I found out that this control scheme was revolutionary at the time of the game's release.

    The reward structure of the game is: when you defeat enemies you can get more ammunition or rupees. Also you can be awarded rupees for smashing wooden chests or cutting down shrubbery. When you have to defeat multiple guards, there is often a specific sequence that you must defeat them in in order for him to give you a clue about how to defeat the next boss.


    It was a good entry and is going in the right direction, but you really need to concentrate on what makes you like the certain aspects of the game, try to concentrate on the why. What makes this game different in your mind and why? Chances are we have played the game so you don't need to go into how to play the game.

    Thursday 14 February, 2008 by TA-Nate
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