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    grayskies's GameLog for Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

    Thursday 21 February, 2008

    Gamelog Entry # 2 for 2/20/08:


    I found it really hard to get a hang of the controller at first, but then I got the hang of it as I played more in this round. However I had played this Raving Rabbids game with the gamecube console and found it easier because I passed the story in one night. In the Wii however, the way the mini games were set up with the movement of the controller made it harder for me, so at times my arms got tired or I got frustrated so I had to take a break, and then come back to it later.

    Every time I won a mini-game I got more excited to play and wanted to beat those little rabbits. The “freakin’ bunnies” as my sister calls them, are what I really enjoyed. They would always be yelling which began to scare me at times, and got me more nervous. One mini game in particular, in which you had to drown the bunnies in carrot juice was extremely complicated for me at first because it was hard for me to aim just right, while shaking the controller. As they got closer to the screen they started yelling as if they were going slam into me.

    The story was basic, the mini-games were random yet hilarious because you got attack theses characters that look like cute little rabbits, but are really out to get you. I did experience flow in the game because even though most of the mini games were random, they would come back to the same concept of some minigames, but with harder levels which made it harder for the player.


    The character of the Rabbids made this game awesome to play! Each little Rabbid had a stupid looking face, yet at the same time they looked really cute. It was quite entertaining when they would come on the screen and dance. You didn’t even have to be pressing a button, just watching these Rabbids was entertaining enough. And in this game, you can actually watch video clips that the creators made of the Rabbids. Most of them are short clips showing what these bunny-like-characters like and don’t like, and they’re doing the strangest things. Their physical appearance makes you think they’re cute but when you hear the sound that comes out of them, you can’t help but laugh.

    Even though I enjoyed this game, I do have to admit that some mini-games were too complicated to get the hang of on the Wii controller, or I wasn’t really sure how it worked. I didn’t like that in one minigame where you had to get a pig to the other side I kept blowing up not knowing what I was doing wrong. Apparently there was a sound I was supposed to hear that I was listening for. Maybe it was just the console I was playing on, but I didn’t hear anything.

    The controls on this console made this game more interactive and harder to accomplish. But the idea that you were attacking these bunnies in different ways made me want to keep playing, because I wanted to see what crazy stunt they would make Rayman do with these Rabbids. An incentive or reward to the game in story mode was that you got to change Rayman’s wardrobe. And that wardrobe was also pretty funny because you can actually dress up in a big Rabbid suit. There wasn’t really any emergent quality to the narrative, all you did was play these mini games in which you got to throw, slap, kick and complete other weird tasks with the bunnies which kept me as a player entertained and continuing to play. The ideas were innovative and funny, and these Rabbid characters were the life of the game. I think with out it I wouldn’t have been all that amused.


    This is great, just what we're looking for. Good job.

    Amy Leek (grader)

    Thursday 28 February, 2008 by MarsDragon
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