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    Cyleen's GameLog for Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Thursday 21 February, 2008

    Game Play: I continued playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for a few more hours. I still find this game very enjoyable and interesting to play. One thing I really liked was how each dungeon had a new weapon you receive while inside. The weapon would then be used to defeat certain enemies or hit certain objects. The new weapon is also very important in the final boss battle, making each boss and boss battle unique. This makes the game fun and interesting instead boring and repetitive when it comes to the type of enemies and the way they are defeated. I also like how the dungeons are puzzle like. Instead of just defeating enemies and running from the beginning to the end, Ocarina of time has puzzles that make the dungeons more of a challenge and exciting. I think the puzzles are not impossible but also not too easy, making them just perfect.

    I think Link is an awesome character but he still doesn’t have any distinct characteristics. His actions are completely controlled by the player and he never talks. He can only respond to questions and usually they can only be answered one way. That is one thing I do not like about this game. I wish Link had more of a personality. All the different races in the game are all fun and interesting. My favorite race is the Gorons. They are the rock people and I think they are adorable especially when the curl up into little balls. The point I got to in my game play is when like becomes an adult. I am excited because I just rescued the horse Epona which makes me happy because I love horses, so it’s fun to ride her around. I think the game is going to get more exciting from here, and I am looking forward to continuing.

    Game Design: Even though this game came out in the 90’s I still think the graphics are fairly decent. I really like the anime style of the characters. It makes them all really cute which gets my attention. I also like how colorful everything is in the game, whether it be the characters or the background. I like the puzzles in the game because they are challenging enough and not too hard. This keeps me interested because I feel like I have to think and work problems out but it’s not impossible to where I give up, so I feel very accomplished when I’m done.

    I like Ocarina of Time’s leveling system. I never really have to worry if I am capable of defeating an enemy or not. Defeating enemies is based on the player’s skill at playing the game more than anything else. After each boss battle Link receives another heart giving him more health and that is the main way the leveling system works. I also really like the game’s controls. I like how I can look around corners by pressing the R button or the L button. This makes it possible for me to look around corners for enemies so I don’t get attacked blindly. I also like the Z-targeting. This makes it so when I attack I don’t have to try to aim. I just hold down Z, and Link will automatically target the enemy so I only have to press the attack button without worrying if ‘m successfully attacking the enemy or not. Z-target is my favorite aspect of the controls.


    Your log brings up interesting points, and having no previous experience with the game provides a fresh perspective. A little more elaboration would have been nice.

    - David Seagal (Grader)

    Wednesday 5 March, 2008 by Lagaes Rex
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