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    Adondo's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Thursday 21 February, 2008

    Entry #2

    My personal subjective gameplay on my second hour of the game was more or less like the beginning of the first hour. Nothinig much has really changed about the game and the game is very, very repetetive. The only thing that you can really do that is out of the norm is go ahead and get the cheats off line and make stuff go your way. Like for example you can get infinite health, and all the weapons, and on top of that you can have infinite ammo. So really you can go ahead and just do what you want and just kill eveyone with out dying. That is the most exstatic part about the game, at least i think so.

    The design of the game was pretty much a free world type of thing. You can go around all of Oakland and do random stuff to anybody. You are able to hi-jak cars and i still think thats a pretty good idea to be able to do a lot things in a free world. Also i like how the design was made for the user to interact with everyone but in the same way they are able to interact with you. I also like the way the cops show up everytime something happens and i love how the helicpter comes and makes a huge ol' scene.


    A lot of this particular game is based on free movement and about doing a lot of things regardless if your not doing the missions. And i think that innovation of the game is a big factor of why so many people buy this game and enjoy it. The freedom of the gameworld i think creates a fantasization of the user to use these weapons and to be in a imaginary gang and to rob people. These are all not real common things a lot of people in this world do, so i think this game allows users to do these things that they would like to try but are to scared of doing. Except the killing part of course =]

    This game creates conflict in many ways by doing the missions wrong and if you kill people that are not supposed to be killed. By that i mean the game has a security system and when you do this type of thing the cops, swat and helocopters come and make a huge scene.The games reward structure was alright i mean it wasnt anything out of the sort and it was cool. I mean you moved up the gang ladder to the top and all of that good stuff.

    Overall the game was good but i dont think that i would go out and buy this game anymore. Just because all of the grand theft autos have the same objective and nothing out of the ordinary happens in these games.


    Well done gamelog! Keep up the good work!

    ~Sheena Marquez (TA)

    Tuesday 4 March, 2008 by SheenaMarquez
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