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    Butano's GameLog for Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    Thursday 21 February, 2008


    After playing Shadow for a second time, nothing has really changed. I probably felt more annoyed by it this time. I've heard numerous opinions of the game, and they're all different. Some people think it's amazing, some think it's just a piece of crap. I think this game just isn't the hype people make it sound to be.

    I never did get much more story out of it. Every Collosus you kill, the god tells you to kill another one and gives you a riddle of where it is located. I will give the developers credit that the fights are never figured out the same way as the last boss you beat.

    Again, I just never felt connected to the main character as I thought I should be. Going out and looking for the monsters just felt like a huge chore, cause lots of them are somewhat hard to find. I probably won't be finishing the game, cause it's just not that replayable.


    Let's start big. The level design for this game is what was put in the most. The play area is just absolutely huge. Probably just a little to huge, for there being nothing at all in between the Collosi. They did a fantastic job with what you could climb and what you could not.

    Another good thing about the game were the bosses. Each fight was different and challenging and required you to think. The only things that were the same were that you had to climb on the monsters and stab them in certain areas to do damage, but getting there required some strategy.

    But the good things about the game just don't weigh out with the bad things about the game. Absolute worst thing is the camera. It felt like I had to do whatever the camera wanted to go, even if it's blocking my view of what I'd like to look at. Another horrible thing is your horse. Zelda: Ocarina of Time has better horse control than this game. Starting out your horse is a chore because of all the weird commands it thinks your telling it, when you're just telling it to go forward and to the right a little.

    The story itself is just bad. There's very, very little depth to it at all. You're a boy who takes a girl to an alter, and the only way to save her is by killing big ol' monsters that will kill you. It doesn't say at all whether this girl is the main character's love or if it's his mother, or if it's just some random girl he found and wanted to rescue. If you're looking fo a storyline, don't have this game at the top of your list.

    Going from boss to boss is just annoying. You have to look EVERYWHERE to find it, and there are no challenges standing in the way of you, like enemies. It's just a really boring game of hide and go seek, cause the bosses can hide really well. I am not a fan of the game, though it's not a bad concept. If it had been processed better, I probably would have enjoyed it.


    almost a very well done gamelog but your second gameplay is about half the size it needs to be.
    Alon chanukov (grader)

    Thursday 6 March, 2008 by chanukov
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