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    ajf's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Thursday 21 February, 2008


    As I mentioned before one of my favorite things about this game is the ability to interact with everything. We had some more fun stealing a two person airplane and attempting to infiltrate the GTA equivalent of Area 51. I really like being able to get in and take control of any vehicle I see. Not just that, but the game adds in little features like allowing the passenger to drive bys, which are also fun.

    This game really gives me a sense of scale that no other non-RPG games do. I feel so tiny in the game world yet the game did a job of making me feel like I was becoming more powerful as I progressed through the story. Being able to go from riding a bike to driving a car to piloting an airplane expands the world in a really nice way.


    One of the most innovative aspects of this game is not just how large the world is but the freedom the player has to explore it. They can drive around it in a car, fly over it in a plane or helicopter, walk/swim, or even ride a bike. This aspect is what allows for nearly limitless replay value even after all of the missions have been completed.

    Multiplayer adds another fun aspect. Although it seems as if it was tossed in at the last minute, two players can often spend a great deal of time traveling around the world causing havoc or trying to complete self made objectives. I would have liked to see Rockstar flesh this mode out more; in its current state it is buggy and very limited compared to the rest of the game. For example, you can not enter buildings or participate in many of the in-game events if multiplayer mode is enabled. Bugs include the camera getting stuck where one or both players cant be seen and players getting stuck too far away from each other, unable to move.
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    Good job.
    -Chris Ward (grader)

    Wednesday 5 March, 2008 by fuzzyLombax
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