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    muffins's GameLog for Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PS2)

    Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    Entry #2--


    All of the characters you get introduced to have really interesting quirks to them, which adds to the appeal. They all have very distinct personalities, and are quite engaging.

    While the actions in the battle system and the way you move, etc. are all very repetitive, they don't really get boring, because each stage has unique monsters to fight and you continually want to try to get farther along in the story to find out what happens next.

    Creating characters is amazingly fun, one of the best merits of the game. I typically like to create lots of monsters in my party (which can be a problem if I need to do something which requires throwing), because there are so many awesome characters to make. Using the student/master relationship can also be really useful, and there is just so much going on in this game to learn about that it is really intense.

    You can also start to attend the Dark Assembly, and ask senators to pass certain bills (creating characters, stronger/weaker enemies, more items in shops, etc). This is a really innovative idea, I think. Some bills are harder to pass than others, and you have to sometimes bribe senators into voting for your bill, which can be really fun (yet irritating).


    The game provides a very enjoyable play experience, one that you can completely change based upon personal preference. If you want a more hardcore gaming experience, you can get it, but if you want a more casual experience, that is completely possible as well. This is something that is really cool about the game; it's quite flexible.

    If you want, you can spend hours upon hours searching for better and better weapons, going into the Item World and making your own items have better stats, reincarnating characters for better stats and many, many other things. This is all really enjoyable, but it is totally possible to beat the game without doing these kinds of things, so Disgaea 2 can appeal to all sorts of gamers.

    The character creation system also really enhances the game, and making it so that in order to get a better level of a certain class, you need to level up the previous level of it, only makes you want to play the game even more until you can create better versions of your favorite characters. This is really one of my absolute favorite things in the game, because there are so many options, and you always have something else to achieve.

    The music for Disgaea is also really good, nothing that stands out particularly to me, but it's not annoying, and it's got pretty good structure and whatnot. Just not spectacular like some other games.

    There is a huge amount of complexity to this game that looks, at first glance, pretty simple. But adding character creation, the Item World, and the Dark Assembly all creates a multifaceted play experience that is unlike any other.


    Excellent gamelog.

    - Ian, your TA this week

    Thursday 13 March, 2008 by inio

    by "excellent" I meant "well done". I forgot that was one of the names of the grading levels.

    Thursday 13 March, 2008 by inio
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