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    Shakyjake's GameLog for Bioshock (PC)

    Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    GAMEPLAY #2:
    As I continued to play the story was the most interesting part of the game by far but the plasmids that I got added a new way to have fun along the way. Of all the plasmids that I got I enjoyed incinerate and winter blast the most. I thought I was sadistic before while playing games but this game took it too a whole new level. There is a serious god complex involved with being able to set people on fire at the snap of your fingers. With graphics turned up all the way you can almost see the flesh peeling off of their bodies.

    I had a lot of fun during my second play session fighting enemies because there was now my choice to what I could as I had a lot of different kinds of weapons to choose from such as chemical throwers that shot nitroglycerin and napalm to a crossbow that set enemies on fire.

    As the story progresses it becomes more and more apparent how truly ****ed up this place is. From orphanages that turn children into miniature farms for money to their guardians who literally have been brainwashed and tortured to no longer resemble humans to the various splicers that adorn the hallways, this is truly a society gone completely haywire. What is perhaps the most messed up element of storyline though revolves around the games first mini-boss. It is a surgeon who gradually lost his mind. He looked toward artwork, paintings in particular, for inspiration for his plastic surgery. However, he looked at Picasso's cubic period. He thought that because the painter was heralded as a genius and his work was said to be beautiful that if he did the same to people he would be famous in the same manner. His operating room is filled with corpses hung from the ceilings of failures some almost crucified before you. Throughout my time gaming I have never seen an image as haunting as this one.

    The plot is absolutely fantastic and it is shown to you via tape recordings and sometimes through other mediums and they are found at short enough intervals that the player is kept engaged in the storyline at all times leading to a constant feeling of anticipation. It was a really nice change of pace to play a game that you were on the edge of your seat the entire time for.

    Setting is something that the developers strove for and it is unmatched by any other game I have played in a long time. The walls are crumbling and the city is leaking from the core, it is actively decaying all around you as you play. One of my favorite moments of immersion though came at a place called Apollo Square. Andrew Ryan had ordered disobediant "parasites" as he called them to be hung in the metro center to be made example of.


    Good job -Chuck(grader)

    Tuesday 11 March, 2008 by Joekickass
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