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    grayskies's GameLog for The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii)

    Wednesday 5 March, 2008

    Gamelog # 2 for 3/5/08:


    This time around I had more fun and got into the game more because I went farther in the game and found that there was much more action and tasks for me to do. When I first played I wasn't really moving the Wii controls a lot, but as I got further in the game I found myself swaying my hand back and forth as if I was the one with the sword. It was more interactive and made it more enjoyable for me., as well as for the people around me who saw me swinging at the air.

    The problem then became my interaction with those around me. My housemates would come in and try to talk to me during my game play experience but I found myself not paying attention to them because it was too hard for me to carry a conversation and swing at the screen trying to defeat the enemies that appeared.

    As I progressed in the game narrative, I found that it was never really a dull moment. The game always kept me busy trying to figure out tasks, or a new part of the story would reveal itself. The narrative of the story was very compelling because it was one huge narrative, with small stories in between. Each city or village you went into, you heard character stories or perspectives, and thats one thing I really enjoyed about this game: the story elements, as well as the fact that you kind of had to figure things out on your own to complete a task.

    Game Design:

    I like that this game posed a challenge for me, unlike a lot of other action adventure games I have previously played. Zelda games are known for their puzzle like elements that appear in the game world.
    I liked that aspect because it allowed me as a player to really look at my surrounding and pay attention to it. Every object or monster is in a specific place for a specific reason, it was very enjoyable trying to figure out how to get a certain wall open, defeat a certain monster, etc etc. This game allowed me to think, and I liked that.

    Another aspect that was good about this game were the enemies. there were quite a few thatwere hidden and so you weren't able to see them until they popped up right in front of you. This also brings back the idea that this game is very innovative because it makes you aware of the surroundings. Enemies are hidden behind tall grass, and others can be used as items to throw at other enemies, you as the player just have to figure it out on your own even if at times it would get a little frustrating.

    There was a good sense of a reward structure in this game, because when you killed an enemy or monster you would get a heart or a rupee ( a form of currency). But also when you would defeat a boss, you would get pieces of items that become important in the larger narrative of the game. Because rewards were given so often it kept the player participating. This game kept me entertained because of the rewards, characters, story and puzzles. So overall it was a great game, entertaining and smart.


    Good entry. Exactly what we're looking for!
    -Chelsea C.(grader)

    Tuesday 11 March, 2008 by Dziva
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