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    bri's GameLog for Jet Set Radio (DC)

    Monday 29 September, 2003

    Stuck on my first skate challenge. Blasted bug-eyed dude! I can't seem to get down how to change direction while I begin a jump. It's probably a simple matter of timing, but we'll see.

    Claiming new districts of Tokyo-to is easier than I'd anticipated. Crashing through walls is a nice bit of fun too. From what I've seen though, it's only a matter of time before I come across places where it's basically impossible to lay down all the tags. Hopefully I'll have a full stable by then and have some fun characters to just run around town with.

    I'm missing the grind boost from JSRF. In JSR, grind speed depends upon the speed you're going when you start the grind. JSRF allows players to accelerate the grind along the way with a button press (and corresponding on-screen foot motion so it makes visual sense).

    Talked with Jose a bit about another difference in JSRF.. Future changes the painting interactions. Where JSR has the player string together joystick moves to paint large tags, JSRF simply uses the paint button and requires sufficient paint. There's no sticking involved. That change loses a cool dynamic, but the JSRF level designs don't really support standing in one place tagging for very long. They take a more flyby approach. (Lots of large tags next to grinds, that kind of thing.)


    I really love this game though I do agree that sometimes it gets pretty hard/unfair. Especially in the later levels!! (hehehehe...)

    Also, the soundtrack is awesome!

    Monday 29 September, 2003 by jp
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