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    yolster07's GameLog for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2)

    Thursday 6 March, 2008

    Gamelog entry #2:

    This second time playing Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, was a bit easier since I had already been trying to pass that one certain song for a long time. My friend decided to help me finish it by turning it to co-opt mode which was in some sort just making it so that the song couldn’t stop even if I sucked. While doing this, he decided to stop playing midway because even if I did hit every note after that, he was still going to end up with a higher score, so we decided to play that same song, in “battle mode.” Battle mode increased the intensity of the game and it began to get personal. Here, instead of getting star power we were giving a weapon to use against the opponent for a short term such as cutting a string, increasing a level, making the notes double and such.

    This worked for my advantage since I didn’t have to finish the song, all I had to do to win was make him mess up as much as possible and I would win. This became really competitive because even though he was better than me, I would still beat him. This made the game more interesting because now it was being played for bragging rights hence it became sort of addicting to play over and over again just to beat the other person more times, fulfilling Guitar Hero’s goal.

    What was original about this game from any other game that I had played before was the use of a guitar as a control even though it was very similar to a game I had played when I was younger which had a gun as a controller and the objective was to kill the flying birds by shooting at the screen. Both games were really addicting and interesting. The thing that made Guitar Hero III different from the other Guitar Hero’s is the graphics and the challenges. Although every Guitar Hero game allows the player to pick their challenges by selecting the level of difficulty, this game allowed the players to challenge each other with the new player mode that was added. Also, by allowing the player to download their selection of songs provided the player is customizing their game.

    The levels of this game seemed to be harder that those of previous games because of the speed that the notes were coming down. This was a well added feature because I had been playing Guitar Hero II on the easy level for quite some time and it was no longer challenging and I couldn’t move up to medium because my fingers weren’t long enough to press the fourth button hence it was practically physically impossible to play in that level. Guitar Hero III allows the player to customize the speed of the notes allowing the game to remain challenging even if it remains in the same level allowing the game to remain interesting.


    First you say that you hadn't played a guitar game before, and then compare it to the other Guitar Heros ... Huh?

    Otherwise, decent gamelog. Writing is a little awkward at points.

    - Ian - your TA.

    Wednesday 12 March, 2008 by inio
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