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    jrex's GameLog for Audiosurf (PC)

    Thursday 6 March, 2008

    There are different modes that a player can choose from, each with their own difficulty setting. In mono, you simply collect the colored blocks, and avoid the greys. In pointman, there are no grey blocks, and you try and line up three colors in a row. You can also pick up the colored blocks for later use. Double Vision has four lanes instead of the standard three, and two cars for multiplayer. In Vegas, you collect all the colored blocks on the road, and then shuffle the colors in hopes to get a good row of colors. Having these different modes is the way Audiosurf controls the challenge of the game. Though the difficulty of the song depends on the player, the way the game is played is controlled in this way. Furthermore, the game has the standard easy, medium, hard levels of each of these modes.
    One aspect of the game that I feel is the key challenge to this game is that the player decides how challenging of a level they want to play. The player can choose either a slow ambient song, and enjoy the computer generated road, or thrash out to the heaviest of music. This is one way the game keeps the player interested. As described before, the player becomes curious to see how other songs play out. This has been my experience through watching other players play the game. Furthermore, the game provides a competitive score board, as one of the points of the game is to beat other players scores. Having this in the game provides conflict, which makes these challenges more personal and interesting to play.
    Since I have never seen a game like this before, it has been fun to play even slow songs, just to check everything out. Even though the game is very single lined (you only do one thing, and that one thing only) it has been extremely entertaining to play.


    Well done gamelog. Good luck on your project.

    ~Sheena Marquez (TA)

    Saturday 8 March, 2008 by SheenaMarquez
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