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    neo31003(eddie)'s GameLog for Devil May Cry 4 (PS3)

    Thursday 6 March, 2008

    After playing through the game I 've learned that you can use a devil trigger and that if you grab your enemy you perform a different grapple move. Also that you can grab your enemies with the devil bringer and use the hordes of monsters as shields against others. But Nero is limited in comparison to Dante. Luckily you get to play them both and Dante has way more weapons at his disposal. He has access to all four of his styles from DMC3: Swordmaster, trickster, gunslinger, and royal guard. Plus for each boss he defeats gives him a new weapon. Nero can also use his powerful arm outside from combat. He can use it to solve certain puzzles like the secret missions. They also bring back the style points system which goes D,C,B,A,S,SS,and SSS based on the length and combo variety you unleash upon your foes. A new element is the upgrade system for Nero since he doesn't have stances or styles to choose from you use the Proud Souls system. At the end of every mission based on the rank you get at the end will determine how many proud souls you get. These are used to up graded all weapons and core mechanics like double jumping.

    There is much to say about the design like how Dante isn't the main character in DMC4. This will expand the story and allow the franchise to expand even more which is great for the Devil May Cry die hard fans. One element that I over looked til just now was the environment. Your used to playing in these dark Gothic themed areas like in every other DMC game. This one allows players to fight in the exotic jungles and the city in which the protagonist is from. This has a different affect on the player. It makes it seem like the conflict stretches far beyond this small societies existence. This is because in past games you were put on islands far away from society which made you feel isolated. Also it makes the game less dark possible symbolizing the positive transition from Dante to Nero. The change in theme and protagonist had a huge impact on the franchise making it possible to head in different directions. The new character and over tone of the game made it easier to pick up because the DMC series is known for its hardcore difficulty which may seem intimidating. You also don't feel behind on story because Nero is a new character to the series.


    You need to elaborate more on many of your points. Also there are typos scattered throughout, so proofreading is important.

    - David Seagal (Grader)

    Monday 10 March, 2008 by Lagaes Rex
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