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    ajay's GameLog for Halo 3 (360)

    Thursday 6 March, 2008

    ENTRY 2


    I have now played the game for almost 2 hours in total. I have not gotten very far because I decided to play on a harder difficulty due to my experience in FPS games. However, this challenge is fresh to me and I really enjoyed the some of the gameplay moments I had.
    I am very satisfied when playing through the levels, and encountering a variety of different kinds of bad guys. The weapons are also new and fun to learn. I really haven't encountered any new characters other than the aliens that I am fighting against.
    I really enjoy the flow of the game, each level is split up into different sections and it transitions really well. After completing an entire level, i really felt a sense of accomplishment and was really satisfied.


    This game is really innovative in how the game is played. This is because it is a faced paced shoot-em-up, but there is still strategy involved in how is the best way to confront a group of aliens and things like that. The only bad thing I can think about the game is the story, I couldn't really follow it and how it tied in to what I was doing.
    The levels in the game are amazing, there is a great variety of levels, and also each section of each level is a little different. For example, there could be part of a level where you are inside, and another part where you are outside in the wilderness. It really gives you the sense that you are going somewhere and not just going around killing things.
    The challenges of this game is clearly the enemies. Some are harder than others, and some have a certain way in which you can kill them. Another challenge of this game is resource management. Especially with grenades. Grenades can do a lot of damage but if you use them without thinking about it they will go to waste.
    The tone of the game is set by the music and sound. The sounds of this game are something u need to hear to believe. They really set teh tone, from the bad guys yelling, to the shots you fire, to explosions, it is really something special.
    The only thing I would change about this game is the story. If it would be easier to follow I would appreciate it more. It uses cut scenes very well however, they do not interrupt the gameplay at all. Overall, this is an awesome game and I am really glad i got to sit down and play it for a couple of hours.


    Good entry. Exactly what we're looking for!
    -Chelsea C.(grader)

    Tuesday 11 March, 2008 by Dziva
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