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    spoo's GameLog for Peggle Extreme (PC)

    Thursday 6 March, 2008

    In this gameplay session i was able to finish the game, but the last 4 levels took much longer than the first 6. The game added many difficult shots including levels that had sections that were only accessible with portals. After beating the game i was left wanting more. I had played a good amount of Peggle Deluxe before playing extreme, so The starting ability just isn't sufficient. There are many other abilities that make the game so much more enjoyable.

    The game was a free entity tacked on to the best deal in gaming history, it was pretty shallow, but it is original content. The game is enjoyable, and even if all it is is an advertisement I am glad Valve threw it in their pack. The game even made me laugh at times.

    The design is one of the game's strongest points. The levels are designed after the orange box. The Cartooney feel of deluxe is removed and replaced by a darker, funnier valve version. The levels are easy enough for anyone to beat, but difficult enough to keep me, a peggle vet, interested. This game was clearly designed to get people who grew up with Halflife to buy and play this ridiculous game.

    i enjoyed the way they integrated many aspects of the orange box into this game. In deluxe if you do particularly well with one marble, a little gopher will pop up and say nice shot. In Extreme a Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2 will pop up and say well done in his heay slavix accent. This game is elevated by playing the other contents of the orange box first, if a personw as to jump straight into peggle many of the references would go wasted.


    good game log

    -Nicolas Kent (grader)

    Monday 10 March, 2008 by Jade
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