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    Jetgirl's GameLog for Animal Crossing (GC)

    Tuesday 30 September, 2003

    Animal Crossing is a great stay home sick game. The game is just so cute and mellow, it is hard for it to not make you feel at least a little better. It is a very relaxing game. I played for about two hours today. I got out from under the thumb of that horrible Tom Nook and now I am ready to party. It seems that one of the most intriguing things about this game is the way they integrate 1 player at a time multi-play. I think this could make a good MMO, honestly. You wouldn't have to change anything at all. One person could start a town and give a password to three friends who could join that town. And you could visit other towns (and send mail to other towns). The advantage to having it online vs. the way it is now is that you could have multiple players playing together at the same time. You could, for example, have a party at your house and invite all your friends from different towns. You would also probably have to have the ability to ban certain players from your town, or else people would only be able to take certain actions (they wouldn't be able to change the face of the town too much).

    I also like the real time clock, and the fact that the town clock chimes on the hour. I know when it is time to quit and get back to work!


    The clock chime thing sounds really cool I had no idea that it existed. I can see parents telling their kids to stop playing after the clock has chimed thrice... (or somesuch).

    Have you downloaded the infamous Totakeke mp3s?

    Wednesday 1 October, 2003 by jp

    It made me wish all games had an accessible real time clock. This game I think would be really great for a family to play together. Parents can leave messages or presents for their kids in the game. I don't know what mp3s you are talking about.

    Wednesday 1 October, 2003 by Jetgirl

    I've actually thought about it as a game my wife would enjoy (she isn't a gamer). As for the mp3s...well, they're pulled from the game. I'm sure you know about Totakeke, right?

    Thursday 2 October, 2003 by jp
    4 that is KK Slider's real name. His real name was something like that.

    Sunday 5 October, 2003 by Jetgirl

    By the way, speaking of your wife...I think this game is a perfect "gateway for non-gamers" game. And it is so much friendlier and easier to get into than the Sims! The advantage the Sims has for the non-gamer is its (loosely speaking) real-life setting. Some people find anything not based in our current world to be very un-interesting. But Animal Crossing is basically the Sims with the tedium removed. Oh, and talking animals. I am actually tempted to buy a copy for my mom for Christmas. I think she would really enjoy it. She is not a non-gamer, but she is definitely in the "Casual" category (at least where digital games are concerned).

    Sunday 5 October, 2003 by Jetgirl

    Yup. I only need to buy a GC now... hehehehe....

    Monday 6 October, 2003 by jp
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