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    Snaxib's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Wednesday 1 October, 2008

    After installing GTA:SA I started a new game. Having no real experience with San Andreas before, But having prior GTA Experience I knew generally what to expect. I would be dropped into a lose-lose situation where, in order to progress with the game I would have to "Make My own law" so to speak and work against the established authority (mainly cops) to further my own ends. With that knowledge I set off in my adventure.

    While not really part of this assignment i immediately was amazed by the lack of "eye candy" that San Andreas has. It got a pretty "average" rating on visuals when it was released in 2005. I found the graphics average enough to be distracting.

    Immediately you are shown that life isn't fair. You play as a character who is coming "west" for the first time in five years, and obviously you had a falling out with everyone from home. You get picked up by the cops immediately after landing and they steal your money and drop you off in a terrible part of town. You are shown very quickly that you can not take a "legitimate" path through the game. The game then follows as you meet up with old friends, and must escape a rival gang's drive-by attempt.

    As Freeroaming as the game says it is, and how it allows you to make a lot of ethical choices, they really bottleneck you into the role of a criminal who you should feel sorry for because for him, life just isn't fair. I guess this doesn't endear me very much, because i was always taught that life isn't fair, regardless of who you are.


    It's kind of ironic then that when stealing a cop motorcycle you can engage in vigilante missions. :-)

    You mention that you're dropped into a lose-lose situation in which the only way out is to "make your own law". How do you think that differs from a "traditional" moral dilemma?

    Thursday 2 October, 2008 by jp
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