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    drgnknght's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Saturday 4 October, 2008

    GTA: San Andreas is a game where people lie cheat and steal things to get by in the game. That's how you complete the missions and challenges of the game. In this game there are many issues one in particular is race.
    The story goes that the main character is a former African American Gangster who goes back to his home for his family. He now not only has to deal with his former friends from the gang but also has to deal with the rival gangs who i believe are both African American and Latin American. He also has to deal with the police, which i believe is the main reason he left town.
    The reason why I think race is the main issue of this game is because of the fact that it is dealt in most major cities as well as suburbs. Now I'm not saying that all gangs are African American and Latin American. There are some White gangs out there like the KKK but the prodominate groups are African American and Latin American because in a lot of neighborhoods they sometimes have no choice and are pushed in that direction by the society that they have. In the case of San Andreas the main character was left town then came back because of his family so he had no choice but to be put back into the predicament that he was in before.


    I think your formulating a deep observation of this game. I think you could elaborate a little more. Do you find it questionable that this character was once in a gang and experience problems leading to his leaving his community but then once he returns he has no other choices but rejoining the gang? Could he have done better? Is this a correct depiction of minority life in America?

    Sunday 19 October, 2008 by mtisdale
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