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    Lela9's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Saturday 4 October, 2008

    My first experience with the game really brought out a lot of key points made in our ethics class as well as in our book. This time, however, I was not to much impressed with the connections that were being made. The game seems to be nothing more than violence, crime, and becoming the best possible gang member you can without getting caught by the police. Since I am not very good at these kind of games, I often get caught by the police and am unable to complete my missions, and therefore have to start all over multiple times. The missions themselves seem rather pointless.
    As I mentioned in my last blog, this game plays up to the stereotypes of society and therefore everything in the game seems normal for the characters to be doing based on those stereotypes.
    My second mission had me get a haircut and then buy and eat food while my "brotha" stood up the joint. As we ran away we were shot at by the owner, something that would clearly not happen in real life. This was all rather pointless and when I crashed my car and died on the way to the hood I had to start over. So I began to experiment. Instead of buying food I tried to rob them and beat them up, thinking that that would gain me "respect points", however, this only made me lose my mission. Why is it that some bad things are acceptable to do and you benefit from doing them but others either go unpunished or unrewarded? Is their a double standard for violence in the real world as well?
    The last of my missions before I finished my session was to spray paint 100 walls. First of all this is really boring and difficult to do because other gangs and cops are hanging around the site, and secondly it was stereotypically racist.
    I can't imagine one thing in this game that teaches anything other violence, crime, racism, and hate. Why do we find these games amusing?


    Do the stereotypes of this game act in other way, besides being offensive and to act as shock value? Some people in the class felt that this game is satirical and that the extreme exaggeration of CJ's situation is to show the social/economical problems many people face in the real world.

    Sunday 12 October, 2008 by mtisdale
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