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    sti4life's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Sunday 5 October, 2008

    Almost all the actions in the game go against the devein command theory, Kantianism, and Social Contract theory. No one in the game fallows any type of rules or thinks of what should be done. Everyone does what makes them happy and forgets about others feelings. You can kill people to take their money and you can steal cars in the game. Stealing cars is easy you walk up to a car open the door punch the driver and take off. But if you steal a car from the wrong ethnic group such as the Hispanics they will shoot at you. There are no morals or ethics that concern anyone in the game. I mean CJ can roam the city as he wishes and do what he wishes. If he feels like killing that’s what he will do and he won’t be negatively affected. Another thing that was interesting in the game is health. CJ could be shot several times and he would not die. He would just need to go to a hospital and he would be at full health. What’s interesting about this is that there is a lack of realism in the game. CJ can be shot many times and nothing really happens to him as long as he visits a hospital. This lack of realism is consistent throughout the game. The police give up on you. Rival ethnic gangs don’t go after you when you kill one of their people.


    Its interesting that in this class that some feel the game is too realistic where as others feel the game is not realistic enough. Either way I think you make a good point that the game presents a false since of reality, which can have negative affects on children who mistakenly get their hands on the game. Also you point out the over use of racial stereotypes when you point out that most of the aggressors are minorities.

    Friday 17 October, 2008 by mtisdale
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