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    Lela9's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Sunday 5 October, 2008

    Since my last session playing the game I have completed another five missions. In doing so, I have gained respect from my gang and therefore more money and weapons. However, I still do not see how this game is anything but a perpetual cycle of stereotypes, gang violence, and crime. Some of the non-violent activities seem pointless, but do in fact have ulterior motives. For example, when you have to go to the gym it is so that you can build muscle and therefore win fights. When you go to get a new wardrobe it is so that you can blend in with your posse, in this case that means getting clothes that sport the green color that represents the characters' gang.
    When I explored wardrobe options I was shocked to find out that you can wear nothing but your underwear in public and no one says anything about it, not even cops. This says a lot about the realistic elements in the game. If I were to go outside naked, I would be not only be reported my neighbors but arrested and put in jail were the cops to see me. I also noticed that I can commit a crime in front of a police officer and not get in trouble for it. My wanted status only goes up if I directly hurt a cop. This almost makes it seem if the cops are just another gang in the game; they certainly seem to act like any of the other gangs, minus the drive by shooting effect.
    As I played the game I kept looking for anything that might be considered moral, by any ethical theory. However I was unsuccessful. Utilitarianism seemed to totter on the line between amoral and moral, simply because doing something like killing the crack dealers might bring more happiness than unhappiness but happiness is not quantifiable and therefore hard to measure. Also it was a good idea to stop crack dealing, but, then like everything else in the game, it was gone about in the worst possible way, by killing them.
    The biggest problem I had with this game, however, was that the immoral objectives, the violence, and the vulgarity were all made to seem normal because nothing else was present. It reinforces stereotypes of blacks and Latinos in areas that are presumed to be concentrated with them. Impartiality is not even an issue in this game, because it is very clear that no one is of equal importance or value.
    All in all I find this game quite immoral and a detriment to society. On a gaming level, it's unrealistic and repetitive, making it a not enjoyable game for me.


    I think your ethical analysis of the situations presented int GTA is well done. Specifically when you reference utilitarianism, that even when the player is presented with a morally positive decision to get rid of drug dealers they must do it in a negative way.

    Sunday 12 October, 2008 by mtisdale
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