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    stephanie23's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Sunday 5 October, 2008

    During my last half hour of the game, I began to analyze the situations more. Sure the game includes prostitues, drugs, and crime, but what are the motives? CJ is desperately seeking respect and he will go anywhere and do anything to gain that respect. He is in a world where all of the immoral seems to be normal. A world with no rules or boundaries. Kantianism is based on the universal set of moral laws, but in all of the scenes of GTA, this moral theory does not seem to apply. There is no laws in the GTA society. This led me to think about the Social Contact Theory. People are all bound to obey the Social Contract Theory; which indicates that there are a set of moral laws to be followed and as a society, there is a government that will enforce the laws.In GTA, the police officers are useless and are basically targets for bullets. The only type of government that is evident are the gangs in the city that seem to be terrorizing the innocent. Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas is definetly a game out of the ordinary, but it is also a game that reveals many stereotypes and crimes. It almost seems to glorify gang life. There are no moral actions in this game and even if there were any morality, it was not evident and had to be analyzed in deeper perspective.


    Maybe you could describe some ways the designers could have balanced the violence with morals and realism. Like punishing the player for harming bystanders or making the game harder as the player is harmed by attackers, which would show the realistic results of being shot.

    Friday 17 October, 2008 by mtisdale
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