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    HandsomeRob741's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (XBX)

    Sunday 5 October, 2008

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas isn't the type of game that many people would see as a family friendly game. This game might not be for appropriate for everyone to play, but when looking at the main characters interactions within the game you might think notice that it holds a lot of principles that make a family work.

    For instance, the main character, CJ, comes home from a long absence to attend his mother’s funeral. While this may not be very sentimental for those who play the game, this is actually an instance in a very violent and controversial game where caring and concern comes into play.

    CJ shows genuine concern for his family and although he may have not been home until his mother died, he did come back and he does, within the game, attempt to show loyalty towards his family. In a world that is known by some as "dog eat dog" you must do what you have to in order to survive and protect those who you care for. If that means that his life and his morals tell him to go out and do what he does because for his family, then is that so wrong.

    While some would consider this as ridiculous or even ignorant, you have to understand that people are different and their lives and the society in which they live are different as well. While most of his actions many people would consider morally wrong within the game, as he is going about doing such things as killing people and stealing, he shows a genuine concern for those that he cares about. He wants to protect his family and maybe actually, in a crazy way to many, make it better for himself as well as others.

    Overall this game is not a very good example of one that is concerned with making moral decisions and ethical choices. But just as many things in life, those on the outside might not understand the exact motives that make him do such things. One ideal is held throughout the game so far, and that is that he cares and wants to help his family and friends. That is an ideal I hold high in my life and can only hope others do as well.


    Maybe the intent of the game was to show why people turn to crime. I think you pointed it out in previous comments that people can't see pass the violence and game play to see the moral dilemmas in GTA.

    Thursday 16 October, 2008 by mtisdale
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