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    jp's GameLog for Team Fortress 2 (PC)

    Friday 31 October, 2008

    I hadn't really noticed how hard it is to practice and learn to play this game. Generally speaking, this game is pretty intense and high energy, so there isn't a lot of time to admire the scenery or even, discover the scenery! Although I've played more than 20 hours, there are maps I've never seen and areas I've never explored. Just the other day I noticed that there was an alternate route on one of the maps I had played most! Shocking, isn't it?

    I could probably set up a server myself and look around, but that seems kind of boring. Hmm.. I guess I really do miss "Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory"'s slower (and kinder?) pacing. It was just as exciting, but a lot less intense.

    Oh, I discovered that the Scout character can, essentially, fall from any height without taking any damage. I felt so clever when I realized that if you double-jump just as you're about to land, you take no damage. So, you can fall from literally anywhere!


    20 hours? You're doing Ok if that's all you've played it. Looking back over my GameLog I spent 45 hours in the first week! (>150 hours all up). I would hazard a guess that most of the people you're playing against would have had a similar amount of time invested in the game, some substantially more. I don't think there's a way to find servers of people with the same time investment, but the best way to learn is to recognize a good player and follow them around. You'll see them do all sorts of cool tricks.

    Saturday 1 November, 2008 by VRBones

    Yes, it seems like such a lot of time (20+ hours!) but it is relatively low. I'm usually the only person on the server that hasn't unlocked all of the "new" weapons and things. I guess I need at least another 40 hours to get there? (without trying to go overboard and deliberately unlock enough achievements). :-)

    Monday 3 November, 2008 by jp
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