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    jp's GameLog for Katamari Damacy (PS2)

    Tuesday 22 November, 2005

    If you're reading this, then the chances that you've already played this game (or know what it is about) are pretty high. So, I'll won't bore you with the dirty details or try to describe my wonderful feeling of amazement to you. You already know that.

    I've already played some Katamari. At a friend's house here and there...but I finally bought my own copy. Pre-owned...but not cheap. Oh well, I guess you have to lose some now and then. (I still won't buy a game if it's more than U$20) Anyways, this game is good because it is so easy to pick up (I've taught my wife to play) and so bubbly. It's good ole fashioned fun. I'm not crazy, but many times I've found myself laughing while playing. It's fun and funny, and wacky and zany and light.

    I love Katamary. (what a fine name for a sequel, eh?)

    What don't I like? I wish I could go back and play some levels without the time limits! (just for fun...I'd like to pick up all the objects) and I wish the game was longer! I've already finished it and played less than...hmm... 4 hours? I wish there was more!


    Oh, but you CAN replay some levels in Eternal Mode, specially the awesome last one.

    Even if you already finished it, I recommend you to get the best constellations you can, because you can recover them in We Love Katamari.

    And you are right, this game is short and so, so sweet.

    Wednesday 23 November, 2005 by Nico

    Eternal mode? What's that?
    It looks like I'll have to go back and check...

    About the replacing constellations, it's a pity that you can't see the constellation you're replacing before deciding whether or not to get rid of it.

    Wednesday 23 November, 2005 by jp

    You unlock eternal mode for a given level by clearing it really, really fast. (For the timed levels, at least. I'm not sure whether there's eternal mode for the non-timed levels.)

    And a warning before you go off and play Eternal: be prepared for a sense of existential disappointment. (See: Tim Rogers's review of the title on Insert Credit.)

    Friday 25 November, 2005 by Sparrow

    Oops! Sorry, been too long since I played it.
    No, you don't unlock it by doing the levels fast, you unlock it by building a huuuuuge katamari (relative to the stage requirements) within the time limit.

    Friday 25 November, 2005 by Sparrow

    It seems I'm not yet worthy of eternal mode.

    Brilliant review BTW. (

    Also, I take back my comment about not being able to see the size of the previous bad, the info is there! (yay!)

    Friday 25 November, 2005 by jp
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