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    filipo1986's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Sunday 18 January, 2009

    As said in my earlier log, this time I decided to go off on my own. I find both following the storyline and being adventurous by myself with the game equally as interesting. I bet that most people when they play without the storyline will not follow the rules of the road and probably more on the violent side. Driving fast and maybe harming others. For most of the time I was driving around, exploring different parts of the game/city. The most intriguing thing is how culturally different different parts of the city is. From downtown, to my characters neighborhood, to the hills where the ranch houses are located. But what I found most disturbing about my game playing experience is how when I was walking around, I’m assuming it was in my rival gangs neighborhood, because all a sudden I was being shot at. Actually during this game playing experience I died or was “wasted” several times due to these shootings. The reason why I was “wasted” is probably because I don’t have any type of weapon since I am starting a new game each time I play. What I find disturbing is how I was not doing anything and I was being attacked. I guess it’s because of the hatred between my gang and my enemy. Another disturbing part of the game is how I was walking around and I accidentally ran into a prostitute and then she started shooting at me with a gun. I have played other GTA and I know that I’ve probably run into prostitutes before but I have never been shot at. The next time I play will just walk around a little bit more and see what else I encounter.


    Being shot at for not doing anything is quite common in most videogames. Perhaps what surprised you in this case is that it wasn't clear, from the start, who the enemy was? It seems that it might be a bit of a gray area to the player. In this city full of people, who is on your side and who isn't?

    Thursday 5 February, 2009 by jp
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