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    Socar's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    Wednesday 21 January, 2009

    Session 3
    I was starting to think that the game was not that moral and ethical bad when my mission was to beat up a drug dealer, then when I got there, there was a whore giving one of the druggies a blow job in the background. Sex is inserted everywhere possible in this game, it is no wonder that the rating was upgraded to AO (Adults Only).

    The game does have some interesting/different aspects. One thing in the game is that you can go to a gym and exercise to get stronger in the game, this might provide a message for health living. Another interesting thing is that there is a lot of ‘open’ space (a country/farm/forest setting) in the game. I discovered that there are stunt jumps in this game and you get point/money for performing stunts. I also discovered an off-track betting location where I could gambol money I had acquired in-game.

    When I got bored one of the options open to me was to drive around running over pedestrians and generally causing mayhem. This game gives may mixed messages, such as the sex mixed in with taking down a drug dealer, or the option of being a paramedic or general mayhem initiator.

    Overall I would say that the game presents may negative choices for game play. There is an overall all tone of intolerance and bigotry mixed in with a significant amount of sex. The game was moderately entertaining and I would have rather spent my time doing something more constructive.


    The change to the AO rating was due to something else. (Hot coffee mod)

    Thursday 5 February, 2009 by jp
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