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    Jewbe's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Wednesday 21 January, 2009

    So im back after some epic adventures. This game is way better than i remember it being. I had to quit playing though and get some sleep. So this will be my last entry for this series. As far as gameplay went, I stopped about midway through flight training, despite my longing for my jetpack. I will have to come back to this game for awhile until I beat it again. It has been a pleasant experience. Now as far as the morality and ethics of the game. In a nutshell, this game has neither. It is a perfect example of what is unethical behavior as it is all based around illegal activities. I am not really too sure what I would do if i actually met the creators of this game. I do not think i would be unable to hold back my criticism. Im sure you are wondering how i could criticize a game that i have already said is enjoyable. and the truth is that yes this game is bad but it makes for a wonderful way to escape from the everyday monotony of our society. overall this game has provided a fun and exciting experience, even if none of it is realistic at all. That is what video games are all about, isn't it? I thought the whole point was to not have to deal with what is real. But this brings to light a new question. Do video games in general, stand for something that we hold immoral or unethical. The answer all depends on how you classify video games. If we take the standpoint that they are meant to escape reality then yes they do represent something which we choose not to associate ourselves with. But what if video games are exactly that, games. Something that is not real. Then what difference does it make what we do in them. Would it not make more sense to use them as an outlet for our unethical and immoral feelings? I think so. I mean come on isn't that why we all play these games?


    Good questions.
    Is it unethical to think about doing unethical things? Is it unethical to enact unethical things? The same could be said for games. Is an actor unethical for playing the character of a criminal? Is a game player like an actor?

    Thursday 5 February, 2009 by jp
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