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    m.mccullough's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Sunday 22 February, 2009

    When you first make your way down the hallway, the game cuts to a cut scene featuring a sound byte from Bill Clinton on the day of the shootings. After this plays, you have access to the rest of the building. You can kill the janitor and take his key, which unlocks the lighting console for the auditorium. You can also go to the gym and kill students there. After this, you go through to the library. At the very back of the library is a large window where the cops show up and begin to shoot at you. At this point you are given the option to either kill yourself or continue playing. After you kill yourself, there is a long montage of photos from the shootings, both of students and then of Eric and Dylan's childhood. After this you play as Hell. This is where I stopped playing. It was too much for me. I understand that the game was makeing an attempt at recreating the events of the day. Maybe trying to get you to experience what they did. But actually playing as Dylan in hell is a mockery. It doesn't fit at all and it simply kills any strides that the game had made.


    "But actually playing as Dylan in hell is a mockery."

    How do you think the game could have ended? Should it have ended with scenes of them in hell repentant of their actions?

    Thursday 26 February, 2009 by jp
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