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    johnnyowens's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Monday 23 February, 2009

    So I played to a game over screen just now. I found out my abrupt ending to my last play session was because I hit F12, which exits without saving, so this time I avoided the cafeteria and went to the right. I got the school key, saw the play flashback, went into the gym, and found the library. From there, I "fought" the cops, killed myself, and then died again in hell.

    One thing that stood out was the girl that you talk to in the gym, who you don't kill. It showed just how much of a power trip this is, when your character is doing nothing more than playing god to these students.

    But after you get to the back of the library, you lose that power. The cops are able to hit your without you even getting a chance to fight in combat. You then back out and kill yourself. In hell, you're fighting much stronger opponents with much weaker guns, and I think those enemies are from Doom, to make the entire thing come full circle (he said it was going to be just like Doom).

    Then right after you kill yourself, the slideshow of the people actually killed at Columbine, just in case you didn't understand the feeling of remorse you were supposed to get from simply playing the game. I can understand why that is in there, because the game is meant to play like a normal game that normal gamers are used to playing, so potentially the more jaded gamers would look past the setting and see the surprisingly easy gameplay as a joke. I guess it's in there to make sure the game is taken seriously, which seems to work well.


    "because the game is meant to play like a normal game"

    Are you sure? Perhaps it's meant to look like a normal game, but not actually be one...

    Thursday 26 February, 2009 by jp
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