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    tmjsoto's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Monday 27 July, 2009

    First Play- Jul 26th 7:13 am
    I bought a brand new PS2 as well as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas so that I could get the full experience of playing this game as well as two more from the list provided. You are forewarned of my inability to play games that are not rated E for everyone. (I could barely make my character walk in a straight line.)
    Before playing my brand new game I opened the box and read the inside manual. There were almost like ads in a newspaper that included: Hannibal Liquor “Supporting your habits for over 15 years.” Ammu-Nation “No Records No Worries” and Munky Juice “Freshly Squeezed Taste of Parasites”. Along with the manual came a huge poster; one side was a map and the other was a huge picture of the front cover of the game. Without all the media attention that this game has drawn to itself, you would still be able to decipher what this game is about. The cover has a police helicopter, what looks to be some gang bangers, a ho (to be politically correct), and some poker chips and cards.
    I am not the best video game playing person. I could always play games that involved a fluffy character but not what I call “real people game”, in other words the sports kind of games or shooting games, etc. My first play consisted of me trying to figure out how to make my character move and what buttons did what and what would earn me money and so forth. I quickly learned that running into people would only result in them saying something stereotypical. For instance, a tall black female states “Ooo, no you didn’t” but what really threw off the game is a white female and male who was Australian I suppose. (fro their accents) I never heard of that in “the hood”. Ultimately, through my first hour of game play I realized that this game was obviously meant to be played by adults. However, these adults are probably really immature and enjoy the constant swearing and criminal activity that could do without actually being caught in real life and also by mature game players who really feel this game is a classic and involves skill.


    Do you think the "fluffy character" games do not require skills or just that the skills are different?

    Monday 27 July, 2009 by jp

    Not that they don't require skill but they are alot less complicated to understand what to do. You do not even necessarily have to read directions. For example, the iconic, yet old school, sonic the hedgehog...I could finish those games from start to finish...not needing any background info not knowing what buttons are for what.

    This game required alot of thinking...thinking about where I am going, looking at the map, looking out for potential threats, or the yellow arrow things? I find annoying to play the main character and because I am not used to playing with analog I drove crappy and walked in circles for quite a while. I played my first mission ever tonight! I had no idea what every one was talking about..."missions"? :) Kinda sad but I was just walking around beating people up. So I had to read directions throroughly for this game.

    I think this game is not for is just too much going on for me.

    Tuesday 28 July, 2009 by tmjsoto

    Ah, ok. I see what you mean. After a while you get used to it. It just takes a little time to learn how the game works. :-)

    Wednesday 29 July, 2009 by jp
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