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    CFREEMA3's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Monday 27 July, 2009

    This morning I completed my third gaming session on San Andreas. I found that the missions' difficulty seems to increase as you get further along in the game. I found myself having to replay the drive-by mission and Sweet's girl numerous times. (or I just suck at the game)

    The first mission was the drive-by mission where I had to drive a car by rival gang members while the rest of the people in my car shoot them. After completing this the cops chase you until you enter a spray shop to change the color of your car. I found the drive by to be pretty realistic. What I didn't like was how the cops stopped chasing you after the color of your car changed. This happened even though they witnessed me enter the spray shop. In my opinion, it should be a little more difficult to evade the police.

    The second mission that I went on I needed to rescue Sweet and his girlfriend. I had to kill a bunch of gang members then steal a car and drive Sweet to safety. This was one of the tougher missions that I played yet.

    The last mission I completed was a burglary. I broke into someone's house at night and stole weapons while he was sleeping.

    My overall feelings toward San Andreas is that it is a pretty fun game to play but it is probably the worst ethical and moral game that I have played. There are so many ethical problems within this one game they all cannot be listed here. I think the problem is that even though I know that the actions in the game are "wrong" I still found it fun to play it. I would not recommend this game to children.


    Why is it the worst ethical game you have played?

    Monday 27 July, 2009 by jp
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