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    joex37's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Sunday 16 August, 2009

    Entry 3:
    The last sitting of SCMRPG! Was one of the most interesting. It was a bit hard to play as well. After a bit of exploration I found myself in the library, which I remembered to be one of the worst parts of the whole shooting in real life.

    The cut scene with Eric and Brenda was interesting to me. Again I found the game, and myself trying to discern from the real events that went on but it was interesting to see that Eric and Dylan were almost typical angsty teens. They had their ups and downs with girls, and other peers. High school is a hard time for mostly everybody, but it seems through the events of the game that Dylan and Eric had taken a different action.

    The end of the game was a bit abrupt to me. It was weird that there was the choice of ending it all, or to ‘keep on killing these shitheads’. I chose to end it all right there and the most disturbing part of the game followed. Pictures from the boy’s suicide and people crying and holding each other in the aftermath of the shooting juxtaposed with a photo collection showing both Eric and Dylan through their life, and a memorial to each in death.

    Then the game took a strange turn. I was placed in hell to battle characters from Doom in search for Eric. I had died at this point and I was brought back to my last save. This game was interesting and disturbing. Right before Eric and Dylan kill each other, they say that they have no final words because no one would hear them. This game makes their words be heard, which makes it for an odd playing experience.


    i didnt get to the cut scene of eric and brenda...where was that?

    Sunday 16 August, 2009 by tmjsoto
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