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    joex37's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Sunday 16 August, 2009

    Entry 1:
    Having played this game in the beginning of the quarter I already knew what to expect. For this session of play I decided to start again from the beginning and check through everything that I could. The opening of the game in Ericís house was quite eerie for me to play through.

    Starting in his room it was odd to see the details of his life in RPG/8-bit format. The KMFDM poster on the wall and the basement set up made it all seem realistic. Music played a large role in the beginning of the game, from picking up the Marlin Manson CD, listening to KMFDM in the car, and the midi soundtrack of nirvana and Ramnsein, the importance of Eric and Dylanís music was expressed in the game. The odd thing was playing an RPG about a true event and being able to play through it to understand what happened on that April, 20th.

    The part that I had the most interest in during this session was the video recording that Eric and Dylan left for people to view after they were gone. I do not know if they are actual verbatim transcripts, but it was almost scary to see how realistic about what was going to happen Eric and Dylan were. It was sad to see how much they cared about their family and did not want anyone they liked to be blamed. Family was also the reason Dylan applied for the marines because he wanted his dad to be happy. It was all interesting to see that they cared about their family is that way. Or so the game made it seem.


    how'd you get to see their video recording...i played so much i havent gotten there?????

    Sunday 16 August, 2009 by tmjsoto

    In the basement, hit enter on the camcorder next to the TV.

    Sunday 16 August, 2009 by joex37

    thanks i will try and do that

    Sunday 16 August, 2009 by tmjsoto

    The video recording is, as far as I know, a verbatim transcript and all the more creepy for that.

    Thursday 20 August, 2009 by jp
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