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    ku's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Monday 17 August, 2009

    This was my third time playing the game and I finished it by having Dylan and Eric commit suicide. Some people think this game is to violent, but when playing the game I didn't think it was anymore violent than games like GTA or Fallout 3. I think some of the reason that people may think this game is so violent could be because it deals with a situation that really took place and as you play the game you are replaying the shootings. Overall I think that the violence in the game is not that overwhelming.

    Another observation I had was that all the dialogue in the game either talks about killing people or how the Eric and Dylan seem to justify what they are doing. According to the game they seem to believe that killing all these people is honorable, courageous, and noble. It just seems weird that in the game they choose these virtues to associate with the characters, but I guess that may be how they felt about what they were doing. It shows that although these virtues are usually good things to have that they can be twisted and cause a lot of harm.


    Perhaps its a commentary on the fact that so many evil things have been done in the name of good, or under the guise of good. In some sense you could criticize virtue ethics for that, are you still courageous if you use your courage for evil?

    Thursday 20 August, 2009 by jp
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