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    gandhi7587's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Friday 18 September, 2009

    After a two year not playing this game, I started from a sketch. I enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andres (SA) game again and again. This game rating is Mature and Adults. There are many violence and crime inside the game. A main character,CJ, gender is a male and his age is between 21 or 26. He has large open environment to move around and there are many variety of vehicles including car, buses, boat, airplane, helicopter, motorcycle, and bike. I like this game because players get many choices to play and I never get tied playing this game. I like to crack the game and try to play much harder. There are two type of ethnicity that I observe during game: African American and Mexican.
    A player can move around from town to town by car or other transportation. A player can get selection guns and become violent on street. When player hit or kill the police officer, other police officer get the call and player become a criminal. There are many gangs on the street and if player shoot, they will come after and shoot the player. There are many difficult tasks to finish when I was playing first time. There was a one part where player need to spay on logo at different places and I got stuck on there. I only got two tag on first time and got busted by other street gang member.


    I love this game, never got tied of it.....

    Friday 18 September, 2009 by gandhi7587
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