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    In_Memory's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Saturday 19 September, 2009

    I would like to begin this entry with a brief statement about my overall feelings toward the game as a whole: I wanted to puke when I was playing it. Never before have I been so completely disgusted and miserable playing a video game. And although I have played very few video games, I feel that can say a lot about how this game effected me.
    The topic I will now discuss is beauty and ownership. It may seem like a minor topic in the scheme of things, but one thing that a greatly value is the visual appeal of games and other forms of art. I am not talking about image quality, in this, for I know the game is a few years old. Rather, I am talking about how this game holds value on visual appeal. Meaning - they disreguard it completely.
    The entire gameplay area that I discovered today echoed a poor, run-down neighborhood. The characters in this game live in beat up old houses. The streets are ruddy and the coloring of the 'nicer' parts of town tended to a dull brown. There was one mission, where I has to tag the parts of town i wished to 'run'. So my disturbing looking character was running around, getting shot at and yelled at in order to claim a menagerie of, to put it plainly, run-down hideous houses and buisnesses.
    Which brings me to the ownership. For, this game puts no emphasis on making property pretty or visually enticing. For it is not the quality of the land you can claim, but the quantity. This game screams out, why bother with one beautiful arcitectural haven if instead you can fight for a plethora of disgusting, infested streets crawling with people that are ... one dimentional (but that is not the issue for this entry).
    While I feel that beauty (not necessarily of a person, but of a scene) is a supreme accomplishment, this game creates a world where the appearance of a building is not even looked at. And even if this mindset echoes real-life in inner cities, I feel such a mindest, blind to the scenery and potential around them, is a shame to emphasize and popularaize.
    So I will close this entry on that note, and a share my complete un-enthusiasm about tomorrow's return to this torturous game.


    Interesting point on the apparent disregard for aesthetically pleasing housing. Why do you think that is? Do you think the designers were simply careless or incompetent or is there perhaps something else going on?

    Wednesday 30 September, 2009 by jp
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