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    Nightburst23's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Tuesday 22 September, 2009

    From the beginning of the game the player gets a brace of racial slurs and violence. The sense of the player are attack with curse words. The main character of the game, CJ, is a former hoodlum. we enter the game finding out that Cj's mother had just been murdered. CJ;s immediate response was to travel home and get revenge on the person who harmed his mother. when the cut scenes end you get the ability to take control of the character, which also allows him to attack other characters within the free universe of the game. As soon as i gained control of CJ, i ventured into the street and stole a car which i then used to hit an old man walking by. It was fairly easy to run away from the crime. its felt relatively easy to do criminal activities, and it was( for the poor graphics) gory.


    Why'd you hit that old man!? You sadistic sick *%^#! lol j/k

    The fact that you were able to hit someone and get away with it easily, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    I dont remember anyone complaining about Halo 3 where you can hit people and get away with it. Is it because in GTA, you run over innocent pedestrians while in Halo 3 you run over enemy aliens?

    If there were no cops in GTA, would it be okay to run over innocent pedestrians? Still would feel wrong right? I guess just running over innocent people always feels wrong. Maybe the next GTA will take place in Iraq, so we wont have to feel bad about running over innocent people since we bomb them anyways.

    Wednesday 23 September, 2009 by Entropy
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