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    ndpat3130's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Wednesday 23 September, 2009

    For my second run through in San Andreas, I started out where I saved my game, at “CJ’s” house. As soon as I walked out of there, I was directed to walk to another house, where another movie started. I drove to a barber. On the ride over, we learn that Carl is planning on staying in San Andres in order to protect his family. I got a haircut, which is an indicator that “style” is important. I then went to a pizza restaurant where I eat, and then Carl’s buddy Ryder attempts to rob the place. CJ is a voice of reason, before the restaurant employee starts shooting at them. They flee, and drive back to the house. I hve completed the mission, which earns me respect.

    I go on to play the next mission, which is covering a rival’s gang sign with spray paint. This mission earned me both respect and money ($200), and I was done for this session. After my second go around, it appears that gang violence is what’s going to drive the rest of this game. The last mission I played was all about getting a step up on my rival gang (Ballas). This would lead to unethical behavior on my part. In one instance, a few Ballas were standing in front of their gang sign. That was a problem since my mission was to cover it up. The best way to solve this problem, I decided, was to kill all of them (prior to playing I looked up the cheat codes online) and to continue on with my mission. Of course, that was made harder by the fact that a bunch of cops were after my since I killed a bunch of gangstas. Going through all of this, it might appear to some people that this video game has some ethical issues. I would disagree, however. No right minded person would decide to start shooting gangsters just because they did it in a video game.


    What other issues do people have with the game? Violence is probably one of them, but what about the others?

    Wednesday 30 September, 2009 by jp
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