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    pskinner07's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Wednesday 23 September, 2009

    Started the game up and started playing again but this time I decided not to play the missions and just use some cheats I found to really put the destruction down. Got Full health every time, all weapons and ammo, and spawning a jet pack. You know the city is going down hill when you see gang members in the sky bringing down hell with automatic weapons.

    So now that I have played through some of the missions and had my own little fun, I have come to a simple question about this game. Does the Grand Theft Auto series and any other violent game encourage violence to its players? This is what a lot of politicians and protective parents think when they first hear the few lines in the story or just watch two minutes of game play. I feel that some games do promote this and can have a influence on kids who play these games, which is why the parents must come in and remind their child that it is only a game and that they should not try any of this in real life.

    The problem is not the game companies, the problem is the parents are not doing their job. If the game is not intended for their thirteen year old and they saw the ESRB rating, why did they buy the game in first place? Once the parent sees what game their child is playing they automatically blame the companies and not them selves for not reading about the game before hand. So i believe violent games can invoke violent behavior and sometimes violent actions if not monitor by the parents, not the game companies.


    However, what is the context of the violence in the game? Like you said, the idea of gangsters raining mayhem on a city using jetpacks seems completely far-fetched and how does it make sense in the game?

    Wednesday 30 September, 2009 by jp
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