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    SClark's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Thursday 24 September, 2009

    I am increasingly enjoying watching my statistics change as I play through missions. In the absence of a car, most likely after I have smashed the car beyond recognition, I can run down the street. As Carl runs, jogs, walks, waddles, etc he gains stamina, muscle, and manages to lose a little weight. How thoughtful of the creators to add obesity to the mix of possible outcomes during game play. I personally think that there would be great joy in knowing that you could somehow manage to kill Carl by giving him a heart attack due to his obnoxious weight increase during the course of the game; but I’m getting off topic.
    Statistics in this game are slightly overrated. My CJ has spent a good while working on the muscle and fitness, and stamina part of the stats and hasn’t shown the slightest improvement in hitting power or speed but has only improved the amount of time I can sprint for (about 1 second more). That’s not very exciting change for all my concentrated gym time.
    I have also found quite an interest in my ‘sex appeal’ bar at the very bottom of my stats window. I haven’t seen a change in that stupid statistic during my entire campaign. What’s the point if my character is sexy? Does that give CJ more respect when I complete missions? How do I add sexiness to Carl? I honestly think that making a character sexy does absolutely nothing except add girls to the fans of games. From what I’ve seen, characters have to look like girls, have long flowing hair/hair that defies gravity, and have to be deeply emotionally scarred in which their existence as “normal” human beings has to be compromised. You can easily look to Square Einx for that kind of game. So, really, what is the point of creating a “Sexy” character?
    Overall the statistics are a slight glimmer of what could potentially happen here. We could be on the verge of a great RPG in which the player gets to choose how they run their own gang. This could happen if there were more meticulously plotted out areas of interest for the character. Add a good/evil bar, or have the character specialize in combat or gunmanship, almost anything could be added to that section to give it more ‘umph,’ more… pizzazz. Although, my vision of what could be done with San Andreas would probably end up being something similar to the hybrid test-tube baby of Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto, but hey, it would make for one interesting take on the lives of gang members. Wouldn’t it?


    Sex-appeal in the game is (as far as I know) used mostly to help CJ's relationship with girlfriends/potential girlfriends. Sex appeal can be modified by your character's appearance as well as the kind of car he drives when picking up the girlfriends. That raises another series of issues as well...

    Wednesday 30 September, 2009 by jp
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