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    Entropy's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Thursday 24 September, 2009

    I played the PS2 version again, since I didn't have a save, I decided to just run around and do stuff instead of play the storyline. I used weapons cheat so I had weapons.

    1. At first, I jacked a police motorcycle cuz I like motorcycles and then I decided "hey I will be a good person" and tried to do some vigilanty missions. It was hard because the police kept trying to kill me since I stole the bike and might have killed a few people. I ended up slowing down and there was a cop there at the right moment and he busted me by knocking me off the bike. I thought it was interesting when reading the dialog (which I couldn't skip) after being arrested, the dialog said that the police release me but take some bribe money in-order to do that. Obviously they take my weapons too. Its interesting because in a way, the game is saying that all police are corrupt and take bribe money. Its true that in real life, there are some currupt cops that take bribes, but not ALL police take bribes. In GTA, you always get released, hence ALL police in GTA apparently take bribes. Either that, or you keep getting lucky and get the same police officer that always lets you go. But there is nothing that indicates this in the game. Even if it is the same police officer that takes the bribe, there would be something inherently wrong with the justice system in GTA that everytime you get arrested, you get the same police officer that takes the bribe and lets you go. So in essence, SA's system of justice is utterly currupt because cops keep taking bribes from you. I think if you dont have any money, they still take your bribe of $0 and let you free which doesn't make any sense if you think about it, who would take a $0 bribe? In the end, this is just a game, so its not meant to be realistic. Hopefully people dont start playing GTA and start thinking "If I get caught, I'll just bribe the police officer to let me out" because this notion of bribing does not work (or shouldn't) in real life.

    2. Later, I got a bunch of police on me after blowing people up so the cops were after me. I jumped in a car and drove into the skate park that had deep holes in it for skateboarding. I ended up trapping the police that were after me in that hole and they couldn't get out. So I started killing them, and I realized "Hey this is an awesome place to kill cops cuz they just get stuck and I can pick em off" I started then thinking "If I ever get cops on me, I'll drive them into the skate park in real life and get them stuck, it works in GTA so it might work in real life" So now... If I ever get chased by the police in real life (hopefully not) and I decide to flee, I will look for the closest skate park and try to get them stuck in there. So in essence, with this thinking, I am thinking that what applies in GTA will apply in real life. Now I know that the police AI in GTA isn't the greatest and that real police probably wont be as stupid as police in GTA, but maybe, if I trick the police and make a trap somehow, it might work.... everything I am saying here is scary! If you dont realize it, I am right now using GTA as a tool for figuring out ways to evade cops. It reminds me how people said that Columbine students made a level for Doom of the layout of their school in order to get a first person understanding and kind of envision how to do the school shooting. I am doing the same thing, but I am envisioning how to avoid the cops. This is scary!

    3. Later I got arrested again and let out on a bribe again. I no longer had a wanted level and was at the level of a normal citizen, neither good nor bad, just neutral. First thing I saw was a black guy running and behind him was a police officer. I watched the police chase him down for a while just kind of running along. The police then started to slow down, looked like he was getting tired, maybe a few too many donuts. So I decided that the police needed help and I wanted to start being a good upholding San Andreas citizen and do the right thing. I decided to help the cop enforce justice onto the black guy running from the cop. So I caught up to the guy and started punching him, right away, the cop switched targets and instead of helping me fight the guy, the cop started beating on me, as well as the black guy who stopped running and started beating on me too. Then I was like "WTF!? I am trying to be a good citizen and help the cops chase down a bad person, and I am being beaten to death for this? This isn't fair! This is unjust!" So pretty much, I tried to do a good thing in GTA and I was being punished for it. So in a way, SA is discouraging me and punishing me for trying to be a good person. This isn't right! If I had beat on an innocent person, I would understand the police attacking me, but I was beating on a criminal trying to run from the law. Further-more, the police stopped chasing that guy all together and solely focused on beating me down, I would say its because I am black, but the other guy was black to so that argument doesn't play. If that guy was white though, I would definately make that claim!

    4. I honked at a guy cuz he was in my way and I didn't want to run him over, a good thing to do right? He then turned to me and flipped me off. Maybe this promotes bad behaviour in real life? Maybe next time someone honks at me I will just flip him off. Hopefully he wont run me over like I did the guy in the game, maybe that wasn't the right thing to do, but it taught him a lesson at least... that is if NPC AI can be taught a lesson, which it cannont. But in a sense, I felt good. You know why? because it was justice, I tried to do something good, guy does something bad, I punish him by running him over. Its extreme, but in a sense, justice was served. Alot of time in real life, I want to teach someone a lesson when they do something bad, but if I did, I would probably get in trouble. At least I can do it in a video game since I cant do it in real life. Like I always see people do something illegal when driving, like they run a red light and end up getting stuck in the intersection and then no cars can pass cuz traffic is backed up. The guy doesn't usually get punished for that, maybe just a few people honk at the person, I wish sometimes I had a paintball gun and could shoot them or throw eggs at their car as a way of punishing them... that way they know they are stupid and have to wash their car as a punishment. But if I did that, I would probably get arrested or something, even though all I am doing is bringing people who have done something wrong to justice. Hmm, in a way, now that I think about it, in my case '3' listed above, in real life, if I tried to help a cop chasing someone down, I would probably get arrested as well for helping the cop... seems backwards, but I am sure thats what would happen. Why do police get to bring people to justice but normal pedestrians cannot? Do police have some special ability to enforce justice? Can regular people not enforce justice? If we see someone stealing, should we not do something about it? No, I think regular people should be able to enforce justice.


    On your points (1) and (3), aren't they both essentially examples of the fact that vigilante justice isn't condoned by the SA police force and are treated as seriously as other major crimes? I like your comment on how all cops in SA are basically corrupt, which then leads to the question of how can we expect CJ to "break out" of the system if the system is rotten and stacked against him?

    Wednesday 30 September, 2009 by jp

    Well, on point (1), the corrupt police are actually helping CJ out by letting him go free after getting arrested... but maybe thats not a good thing?

    Wednesday 30 September, 2009 by Entropy
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