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    Entropy's GameLog for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Thursday 24 September, 2009

    I decided I should make this 4th blog because I want to make an important point.

    I've been playing San Andreas quite a bit the past few days. Today I got off the train and was waiting for the train to pass and I was just looking around and there were a bunch of people in cars next to me with the windows open waiting for the train to pass by. All the sudden I started getting these thoughts of how it would be fun to just walk up to the person and open their door, jack em in the face, and drive off with their car. I was thinking how I would go about doing it and what the persons reactions would be. Would they say stuff like they do in GTA? Would they just let me take it or fight to stay in? If they stayed in, it would be hard for them to drive away because the train was still there, how would they react? I then all the sudden realized that I was thinking about this stuff obviously because I have been playing San Andreas alot lately and thought it was pretty interesting. It reminded me about how in the past after playing Assassins Creed alot, when I went outside into the real world... I was instinctively looking at objects and buildings around me and thinking about how I would go about climbing on-top of them since in Assassins Creed, thats what you have to do. It's kind of weird that those thoughts and skills of thinking about how to accomplish goals such as jacking cars or climbing objects I get from playing games and start trying to apply them to the real world. Kind of scary at the same time, I have to like convince myself "No, thats not the right thing to do, I shouldn't be thinking about this".


    There is a difference between thinking about things and actually doing them. Thankfully, you're only thinking, or to be more precise, daydreaming. That's fine.

    Wednesday 30 September, 2009 by jp
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