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    Robert's GameLog for Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Monday 26 October, 2009

    Blount Game Log2

    This is my second time up at bat playing Super Columbine Massacre RPG
    and I finally made it pass the hall guards and into the cafeteria to plant my first bombs. Maneuvering around the tables and avoiding the cameras seem to be the hardest challenge. I donít really know how to dislodge my bombs yet, I donít really have enough experience.

    Approaching the game from the eyes of realism; even though the graphics are not created to resemble real objects in shape, texture or form, There is a lot of suggested realism going on in the game. From the items in Ericís bedroom and basement, to the attitudes of two disillusioned suicidal teens, you get the sense that these two guys are really enjoying toying with death, only because they donít really understand what life is about. Every thing is a big joke, and the story line succeeds in convincing the player that the only thing important in the game is to hurry up and get these guys blown to kingdom-come, along with the school.

    The possible actions and situations that may occur executing such a plan is experienced some by the player. The cameras, the school hall guards, and cafeteria workers, communicate the idea that Eric and Dylan are really trying to blow up the school. The maneuvering of the character Eric however, takes you mind completely off the goal, and makes all the dodging that Eric does the main game-play. I havenít experienced any violence yet; maybe because I havenít learned the purpose of or how to use the weapons. But it almost seems that you can maneuver your way to where you want to go by learning when to dodge by trail and error.

    The realism in this game lies in your ability to use your mind to make the realism valid. The punishments in this game guide you to performing the right actions to advance you forward. The punishments so far are all related to getting caught, which adds the much needed conflict in the game. Getting caught is a repeated action that allows you to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your obstacles: cameras, hall guards etc. The realism of these obstacles is experienced as real as it can be for this type of game design.


    In the lunch room, you need to walk up to the table near the vending machine and press 'enter'...

    Dodging the people in the hall isn't the main gameplay, its only an annoying puzzle. You get to use guns and kill people later after you plant the bombs in the lunch room.

    Tuesday 27 October, 2009 by Entropy
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